Quantum makes it a mission to bring alive your conscious
and authentic leadership, and the personal power within, 
to guide you towards success through the alignment of 
personal and professional values, purpose and dreams, 
and the coherence of heart and mind.

Are You Ready?

About Quantum

Quantum is a coaching, training and consulting agency with a focus on conscious leadership, intelligent teams, communication, and self- and organizational development. Through experiential learning, simulation-based training and integral coaching, Quantum offers solutions that initiate long-term transformation. 

Quantum was born from a heartfelt drive to bring lightness and meaning to people's lives, to help them remember their power within and their magnificence. To inspire them to lead their lives fully, fearlessly and authentically. 

The name stands for the science-rooted belief that we are all connected at the quantum level, and that all we do at an individual level impacts humanity as a whole. 

The Founder

Daniela Rusu, founder of Quantum, started a new journey in 2009 towards fulfilling her life's purpose, leaving behind her ascending career and a great country, Canada. Formally trained in interpersonal and organizational communications, management and international business development, Daniela has always kept alive her passion for neuroscience and psychology. 

Daniela is trained and certified as a Co-Active Coach, at the Coaches Training Institute® (CTI). In addition to the co-active coaching tools, Daniela uses neuropsychology and neurobiology principles, Energy Freedom Technique (EFT), Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), non-violent communication and mindfulness techniques. 

The feedback received from clients so far can be summed up in one short, yet powerful quote: "Daniela, you shifted my axes of being" (Anne-Marie, Geneva)


"Daniela has a gentle and wise presence, by truly seeing the best in her clients she has the ability to strengthen their self-belief and bring out the "can do" attitude to reach their goals." (Anne-Liis, Geneva)

"It has been a great experience to be coached by Daniela.  She has a wealth of knowledge on subjects relating to personal branding, emotional intelligence and mindfulness techniques that really enriches the coaching sessions.  Daniela is committed to her clients success in heart and mind; she knows when to just listen and be empathic, and when to be more directive in her coaching to empower her clients in moving into action."  (Maud, Lutry)