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Quantum Interactive workshops are strategically designed to help professionals in career transitions, new managers and students entering the job market discover their cutting edge and bring their brilliant self forward. Professionals that seek change or who find themselves in difficult situations at work will also greatly benefit from this training.

We help each participant manage transition and change with ease and confidence by enabling them to become leaders at all levels and inspiring colleagues, collaborators and managers. We give them the tools to become self-sufficient, take initiative, have a positive attitude and an entrepreneurial approach. The strategies and techniques that they learn will lead to self-awareness and new understandings that will ultimately bring profound transformational change.


Quantum Interactive workshops are based on world-class resources, acclaimed authors, innovative ideas and breakthrough research in neuroscience, biology and psychology.

We offer our expertise in leadership and management, career development, personal development, communication, learning, personal and employer branding, learning and change management. 

The workshops are designed in a unique and innovative way for a profound, holistic and practical learning experience, using co-creative, interactive and participatory elements.


The workshops cover a variety of topics that allow participants to strengthen their skills and learn new techniques and tools to improve performance, become better leaders and enjoy more fulfilled personal and professional lives. Participants will learn how to:

  • Give and receive feed-back
  • Live a powerful, authentic personal brand
  • Manage change and transition
  • Communicate, listen and participate as a leader
  • Transform fear and worry into peace and trust
  • Take an active role in the team and understand group dynamics
  • Identify learning styles and apply practical tips for more efficient learning
  • Develop an employer brand strategy
  • Use the principles of "branding from the inside" to strengthen the employer brand
  • Apply neuromarketing techniques to increase all types of sales


    Quantum Interactive workshops are available in 1.5h, 3h, and 6h formats, delivered independently or as a part of a tailored program. A typical session includes an interactive seminar part and a hands-on, co-creative and participatory workshop part.

    To provide maximum of value, Quantum Interactive workshops can be mapped to individual needs. We are happy to provide a free consultation to identify what works best for you.

    All our seminars, workshops and consultations are available in English and French


    Quantum Interactive workshops are based on co-creative, interactive and participatory design elements inspired by the powerful Co-ActiveTM Coaching philosophy and tools. Quantum workshops create a safe, judgement-free environment that allows for:

    • experiential learning
    • networking, clustering and team building among participants
    • knowledge generation and innovation through interaction and creativity techniques
    • sharing of information through engagement of participants
    • understanding and practical application of specific tools and techniques

    At the heart of every Quantum Workshop we place elements of Personal Awareness to build self-confidence and self-management skills. These are reinforced by tools and techniques learned through practical exercises, tactics and effective strategies. Learning is consolidated by real life examples and new ideas brought from the frontiers of research and world-acclaimed authors in neuroscience, leadership, psychology and new biology.

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      "You created a fabulous framework to explore the heart and soul of our product and took me to a deeper connection with how others might see and experience it. Your passion for this work shines through it felt effortless to work with you. 
      A real joy!
       " (Emma, Vevey)

      "Daniela exudes empathy and balances it with a championing approach and creative questions that open up new ways of seeing any situation." (Marie, Geneva)