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CAREER - Quantum Interactive Workshops 

Career transitions can be stressful, yet we have the power to make them exciting and energizing, and let them propel us towards a world of opportunities.

The skills taught and strengthened in the Career series take professionals one step further, towards success, fulfillment and well-being. Find out how skillful planning, powerful authentic expression of your inner leader and empowered, intentional relationships can propel you at new heights. 

Three workshops are currently available in the CAREER Series: Conscious Career Change, Conscious Authenticity and A Winning Start.

A Business Model Approach to Successfully Planning Your Career Change


"Business Model thinking is the best way for you to adapt to a changing world". Job markets are shifting and changing, bringing new challenges that are often independent of the job seeker.

This workshop gives participants the tools to be PROACTIVE and thoroughly think their career in a business model way. The content is highly interactive and participatory, and it is based on the works of Tim Clark and his Business Model You canvas. This workshop is a perfect continuation of the Conscious Authenticity - Personal Branding Revisited workshop. 

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Have a clearer vision of what they want in their career and approach the change proactively
  • Use the business model thinking to identify and understand what type of career they are looking for, what they have to offer , who are their prospective employers, their key allies, the revenues they seek and the cost incurred during all phases of career change
  • Learn how to use the business model to bring forth their authenticity and unique value
  • Develop an action plan with activities that will “put them on the map” and increase their visibility to employers
  • Develop a conscious approach to change and career transitions, using the authentic leader within

Duration and Format

Conscious Career Change is a two-hour practical workshop that can be presented as a complement to the revised personal branding seminar or workshop, Conscious Authenticity.

Contact us to book or customize this workshop: daniela@quantumcommunications.ch

            Personal Branding Revisited 


Quantum offers an innovative approach to personal branding that shifts the focus from "people as brands" to "people as conscious, authentic and unique humans". 

This new model allows for the discovery of the authentic self within and its intrinsic value, and for the expression of the authentic inner-leader. 

From this place, we can create conscious, intentional relationships and communicate with a heightened awareness. 

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Discover and uncover their authentic selves and understand how it manifests
  • Develop, engage and nurture their authentic selves in alignment with their values, purpose, strengths and intentions
  • Utilize their authentic selves to better present themselves as professionals in their industry and in their personal lives
  • Inspire and generate the desired response in private and professional situations by nurturing intentional, empowered relationships and healthy emotional connections
  • Identify the value they want to offer and the purpose they want to pursue
  • Communicate with intention and on purpose in a conscious, authentic way
  • Uncover and use the inner leader qualities to stay loyal to their authentic selves and their purpose
  • Make conscious choices and see more possibilities in expressing their authenticity
  • Grow and sustain their authentic selves as leaders of their life

Duration and Format:

CONSCIOUS AUTHENTICITY is a three-hour interactive workshop that can be presented with an additional hour for group coaching and discussions. A full-day version can be tailored to the specific objectives of the client. 

This workshop can also be combined with other communication and leadership workshops for a more complete program.

Contact us to book or customize this workshop: daniela@quantumcommunications.ch


A Practical Approach to Ensuring Success in Your New Job



Starting a new job is exciting and opens a world of opportunities, new people to meet, new projects to tackle and as many occasions to make an impression and put our skills to work. 

At the same time, a new job may be nerve wracking; it may raise many questions, a whole lot of unknowns and a learning curve that may seem very steep at first glance. Many challenges ahead are not even fathomable, leaving us less sure of ourselves. 

This workshop brings some of the unknowns to light, helping participants envision the transition elements and learn how to successfully go through the first three months in the job.


At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

    • Understand the factors affecting the transition into a new job
    • Identify and bring forth the inner leader to establish credibility and trust 
    • Articulate their vision and purpose for their new position
    • Establish a comprehensive plan for the first 30, 60 and 90 days in both "being" and "doing", from the perspective of the authentic leader within
    • Develop a learning agenda, diagnose the business situation and identify challenges and opportunities using the STaRS framework
    • Build an effective relationship with the new boss, knowing the Do’s, Don’ts and the essentials of managing upwards
    • Plan the five conversations around business situation, expectations, collaboration and communication style, resources and personal development
    • Secure early wins and the steps to take to succeed in the early projects
    • Establish long-term goals
    • Build a network, identify allies and find one or several mentors
    • Keep balance through resilience, self-discipline, self-confidence and self-motivation
    • Understand the overall framework for managing change

Duration and Format

WINNING START is a three-hour interactive workshop that can be presented in an abbreviated version of a two-hour seminar. The four-hour workshop can be delivered in two separate sessions of two hours each. An additional hour can be set in place for a group coaching session that allows each participant to share and discuss personal experiences.

Contact us to book or customize this workshop: daniela@quantumcommunications.ch

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The workshops featured in the CAREER Series are strategically designed to accompany participants in key transition moments of their career:

  • Starting a first job (for young graduates)

  • Taking a new job with more responsibilities

  • Transitioning in a first management job, often with more experienced reports and/or former colleagues

  • Changing careers or planning for long-term career orientation

  • Integrating new teams after a re-organization

  • Reintegrating the job market after a sabbatical

  • Thinking of redesigning one's career altogether