"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." (Anaïs Nin)

NEW: Two new experiential workshops are available in 2017: 

COMMUNICATE WITH INTENT - an interactive seminar or experiential workshop that brings a new perspective on effective communication and the power of intention in achieving the desired impact. 

QUANTUM VOICE - From Opera to the Boardroom: Performance Skills for the Office, co-created with soprano and voice health specialist Dr. Sarah Khatcherian Milo. An extraordinary 3h exploration that brings more self-confidence, authenticity and balance in our voice and presence. 

            Personal Branding Revisited 


Quantum offers an innovative approach to personal branding that shifts the focus from "people as brands" to "people as conscious, authentic and unique humans". 

This new model allows for the discovery of the authentic self within and its intrinsic value, and for the expression of the authentic inner-leader. 

From this place, we can create conscious, intentional relationships and communicate with a heightened awareness. 

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Discover and uncover their authentic selves and understand how it manifests
  • Develop, engage and nurture their authentic selves in alignment with their values, purpose, strengths and intentions
  • Utilize their authentic selves to better present themselves as professionals in their industry and in their personal lives
  • Inspire and generate the desired response in private and professional situations by nurturing intentional, empowered relationships and healthy emotional connections
  • Identify the value they want to offer and the purpose they want to pursue
  • Communicate with intention and on purpose in a conscious, authentic way
  • Uncover and use the inner leader qualities to stay loyal to their authentic selves and their purpose
  • Make conscious choices and see more possibilities in expressing their authenticity
  • Grow and sustain their authentic selves as leaders of their life

Duration and Format:

CONSCIOUS AUTHENTICITY is a three-hour interactive workshop that can be presented with an additional hour for group coaching and discussions. A full-day version can be tailored to the specific objectives of the client. 

This workshop can also be combined with other communication and leadership workshops for a more complete program.

Contact us to customize this workshop: daniela@quantumcommunications.ch


               Effective Communications Techniques to Master the Art of Persuasion and Inspire Your Audience


The theme of this workshop is about influence and the most effective techniques we can use to influence and persuade our audience. As the title says, it is not enough to persuade to make a lasting impression and establish an effective relationship. For that, we need to inspire, and then persuade.


This workshop will bring participants to a close understanding of these concepts and the masterful use of techniques used in sales and negotiations that can be applied in all walks of life.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the brain science behind persuasion
  • Understand the levers of power and how to use them when working with people
  • Introduce themselves and make a lasting impression
  • Write a powerful “Elevator Pitch” for themselves, their project, product or brand
  • Know how to persuade an investor (stakeholder) to buy into an idea
  • Know and use the most persuasive words in the English (or French) language
  • Make a memorable and inspiring presentation
  • Use the techniques of persuasion used in sales and negotiations 
  • Understand the role of attitude, physical appearance, verbal and non-verbal demeanor

Duration and Format

THE POWER OF WORDS uses a mix of participatory and creativity techniques to facilitate learning and integrate the material into concrete practical situations of creating and presenting a pitch, using non-verbal and verbal persuasion techniques, having the right attitude and physical appearance.

The workshop can be delivered in three-hour interactive workshop format or a four-hour format. The four-hour workshop can be delivered in two separate sessions of two hours each. An additional hour can be set in place for a group coaching session that allows each participant to use more of the techniques learned.

Contact us to customize this workshop: daniela@quantumcommunications.ch

              How to Attract and Retain Talent through a Powerful Employer Branding Strategy


Brands are multidimensional representations of products and corporations and establish powerful connections with the consumers they target. In a brand we find the quintessence of all values, promises and qualities delivered, but how is that internalized? How does a brand get lived in the inside, at the inner touch points along the value chain?

This workshop aims to take a look at these aspects and help the participants understand the role and power of internal branding not only for business performance, but to attract new and top talent, as an employer brand.

The workshop will present a step-by-step plan to develop an employer brand through concrete case scenarios and real-life situations. During the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to co-create meaningful employer value propositions, devise short term plans and tactics to attract top talent.

  • Understand the role of the brand and its emotional connection to consumers, employees and potential hires
  • Make the connection between the employer brand and business strategy
  • Make the difference between doing a job and delivering a brand at each touch point
  • Diagnose the employer brand and ask the right questions to understand the current state
  • Identify the milestones to deliver on the employer promise after the employee joins, from on-boarding to the moment the employee leaves. 
  • Propose recommendations and take the appropriate steps to brand from the inside
  • Identify touch points and the role of employee skills, behaviors and attitudes
  • Embed the employer brand in each stage of employee experience
  • Use the employer brand to make recruitment advertising real and relevant
  • Realize the importance of employee experience and the role of employee communication
  • Measure the employer brand performance, reassess, realign and keep it alive.

Duration and Format:

The workshop uses a mix of frontal seminar presentations, interactive activities and co-creative exercises. Practical exercises include the development of the employer value proposition (EVP), storytelling about the business and the employer brand, values and company culture.

EMPLOYER BRANDING is a two-hour interactive seminar that can be presented in an abbreviated version of a one-hour seminar. An additional hour can be set in place to develop a group project based on tools and techniques learned in the workshop. The group project is a competition between two groups to attract new talent with very unique skills. Each group will have to create a compelling EVP, strategy framework and action plan to attract prospective candidates. The winning group concludes the hire.

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